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10,000 Astrals – 16 Races – Metaverse-Ready 3D Avatars









Xenuthian Knights



Galaxy Dao

Treasury, Voting Mechanisms, Governance 

Mission: Incubate projects that are building exciting and innovative technologies in the blockchain industry.


RoaD Map

The road map outlines development milestones for core Astrals functions


Phase 1 is to bring together a team of lead developers, designers and staff members.

  • 100 Prime and 1400 OG members have been invited to the ASTRALS private discord, and we are well on our way to filling our whitelist roster.
  • The art for all 10,000 ASTRALS will be finalized.

Phase 2 is when we will begin to unveil the project vision, plan, team, partnerships, and value proposition.

  • The characters of the ASTRALS universe will be introduced.
  • Founders will host AMAs on twitter spaces.
  • We will showcase our staking and DAO platforms developed by MEKKA LAB.
  • Our whitepaper will be publicly released.
  • Launch the astralsnft.io website

In Phase 3, 10,000 Astrals NFTs will be minted on March 9th, 2022 and discord will be opened to the public.

  • ASTRALS will be listed on Magic Eden, your official marketplace for ASTRALS NFTs.
  • We will set up a holder’s only channel in our open discord.
  • We are planning a secret event as well that will be available for holders to attend.

Phase 4 is when utility will be launched.

  • 300 million $GLXY will be minted and distribution will begin.
  • Full metaverse integration + 3D viewer.
  • Founders will bring several exciting and innovative projects to the DAO for consideration of investment.
  • Pass proposal for the ASTRALS play-to-earn mini game before moving into pre-production.
  • Metaverse conference in Q2.
  • Elections for council members

Phase 5 is the development of a Triple A Game.

  • Launch play-to-earn mini game in Q3/Q4.
  • Pass proposal to launch a large-scale operation to develop a Triple A game that licenses ASTRALS intellectual property.
  • Asset sales in multiple funding rounds to fund production.
  • Implement assets to unlock new arcs in the play-to-earn mini game.



10,000 ASTRALS

WHITELIST IS CLOSED. Prime roles are guaranteed to mint 5 ASTRALS each whereas OG roles are guaranteed to mint 3 each. Whitelist are guaranteed to mint 1 each.

We have recently opted to change to a Wallet Whitelist for the presale. There will not be any WL tokens. Please do not purchase any ASTRALS WL tokens on any third party website as they are fake.

7,138 of the supply has been reserved for the whitelist sale.

2 SOL for both Whitelist and Public sale.

Presale: March 9, 2022 @ 8:00 PM UTC
Public sale: March 10, 2022 @ 2:00 AM UTC

You will need to login to our staking platform using your wallet, select which ASTRALS you want to stake, then stake them. The ASTRALS NFT will not leave your wallet, but listing your NFT on the secondary market or transferring it to another wallet will reset your staking period, and you will need to re-stake your NFT to requalify for $GLXY rewards.

Yes, 100 ASTRALS will be reserved for the founding members, advisors, partners, private investors, collaborations, and promos. This includes the 1/1 ASTRALS that will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity.

We endorse Magic Eden as the only official secondary marketplace for ASTRALS NFTs.

Meet the



Brian Bayati

Chris Tapia

Damien Guimoneau Artist

Myles O'Neal
Investor Relations

Han Hyung Lee
Project Manager

Communications Manager

Lee Gingold
Lore master

Thank you to our


Solana Labs

Magic Eden

Capitalverse Ventures


NFT Tech

Trippin Ape Tribe


Galactic Geckos




Jungle Cats

Shredded Apes Gym Club

The Sports Club

Famous Fox Federation


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